Which Wood for Picture Frames?

When talking about the best wood for making picture frames, there is quite good knowledge in the field when you search on the internet. Here are some tips on which wood is the best to make picture frames.

People tend to love wooden picture frames, but which type of wood is best?
People tend to love wooden picture frames, but which type of wood is best?

When determining which wood for picture frames, It depends on many factors like the desired finish of the frame, strength and stability factor, and others. It also depends on whether the frames are paint grade or stain grade. If frames are paint grade, the wood does not matter much but is frames are stain grade, one need to choose the best wood.

There are mainly two types of frames, Hardwood frames and Softwood frames. Balsa wood is a hardwood that is most commonly used to make picture frames. The basic difference between a hardwood tree and a softwood tree is that the seeds of a hardwood tree are covered by something like seeds in an apple while seeds of a softwood tree are uncovered for example a palm tree.

Though sometimes these both terms may be a little confusing, in picture framing, terms indicate workability of a particular wood rather than its strictness. Basswood is used for making softwood frames while of hardwood frames, oak and maple wood is the best because of their density and stability. Many times, a combination of these two types of wood can also be used in making a frame.

Hardwoods as the name suggests, are tough and scratch resistant woods. So they are more liked than softwood. Most common used hardwoods for making frames are oak, maple, teak, hickory, saw, sand, etc., and most popular soft hardwoods in picture frames are basswood, remain, mahogany and soft softwoods are pine, cedar, and redwood. Poplar wood is also becoming quite popular these days for making picture frames.

Here are some tips on how to choose the best wood for Picture Frames

While choosing the wood for your picture frames, you should go for a more stable wood. Teak wood is quite stable while Oakwood can move quite a bit. You can take advice from a local carpenter about what wood will be good for the situation.

Frames can be made from almost all common wood types. The difference is in their quality and stability. Once you have found the right wood for your picture frames, you must also ensure the safety of the wood until you use it.